We’ve all heard the story before: little company mugged by Microsoft. So I was inclined to be sympathetic to Mandriva’s complaint against Microsoft last week. Until I looked into it.

Mandriva makes the sale
They signed a contract to sell 17,000 notebooks to Nigeria, loaded with Mandriva’s Linux distro.

They deliver the 17,000 notebooks with Linux and, I assume, got paid per the contract.

Sounds good so far.

Then the raptor of Redmond swoops in
Microsoft then persuaded the customer to replace Linux with Windows.

We actually closed the deal, we took the order, we qualified the software, we got the machine shipped. To conclude, we did our job. And, the machine are being delivered right now.

Now, we hear a different story from the customer : “we shall pay for the Mandriva Software as agreed, but we shall replace it by Windows afterward.”

Let me get this straight
You sold something. You delivered it. You got paid.

After the customer took delivery another vendor persuaded them to replace your software with theirs.

I’m not seeing the problem, unless you took a loss on the sale hoping to make it up in services or something. If that happened, then OK, be mad. But be mad at yourself.

Or is it the loss of follow-on business? I don’t know. You don’t say.

The StorageMojo take
Microsoft, like EMC, plays hardball. But the Mandriva complaint sounds like sour grapes. No harm, no foul.

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