I gave up watching much TV about 20 years ago. Other than a general incomprehension of new popcult references from Seinfeld, Friends, Monday Night Football and such, I can’t say I’ve missed much.

If it is really good, like Band of Brothers, I buy it on DVD to support the data storage industry.

But I do watch – on DVR – The Daily Show and the Colbert Report for my evening news fix. Since the writer’s strike started, no new shows. I’m bummed, but I’ll live.

What is it writers do?
Being writers, they put together, using Apple’s Keynote, an explanation. It is well written (of course), and worth a view.

The StorageMojo take
Home entertainment is a growing driver of the storage industry. But it requires content worth watching. Good storytellers are rare and they should be encouraged.

I hope the studios stop reaming the writers so we can get back to getting entertained.’

Comments welcome, especially from striking writers.