I’m a judge for the Codie awards this year, so I’m getting to see some storage software that I might not otherwise. Today, Rick Clark, CEO of Aptare, demo’d their Backup Manager and Capacity Manager.

I was impressed.

Oh no, has Robin gone soft?
Maybe. But Aptare has 3 important features:

  • Agentless architecture. They go direct to HDS and EMC arrays to get the info they need. More arrays coming.
  • Deep reporting. Application databases, LUNs, array, allotted and consumed.
  • Flexible GUI. Drag and drop the data you need to create a custom dashboard, like a web 2.0 mashup.

A custom Aptare GUI

Managed from a browser
Capacity and backup management use Aptare’s StorageConsole Platform. The company plans further modules. Next up, a replication manager.

The StorageMojo take
This is the first backup manager and capacity manager I’ve seen that actually feels easy enough for non-storage geeks to use. That is important because as capacity continues to explode, some storage management tasks need to get pushed out to application owners.

If you are in the market for either backup or capacity management or aren’t fully satisfied with your existing tools, you owe it to yourself to get the Aptare demo.

Comments welcome, as always.