Do you help buy, spec or evaluate storage and related products?
Please take a few minutes to take a survey that I hope will make potential advertisers thrust large piles of green my way. Click on the “We value your opinion” button under my picture to the right.

It is a standard reader demographic survey. Its great virtue is that it is short. 5 minutes tops.

Update: Olga from IDC tells me that the StorageMojo reader response has been outstanding:

. . . congratulations on having such a supportive audience!

Kevin predicted it could take several weeks to get to the right sample size. Instead it took 3 days. So I’m taking the survey down.

Thanks to all who responded! End update.

You can tell me what you like best, too
I put in a couple of questions too: what you like about StorageMojo; what you want more – or less – of in fine storage blogging.

There’s a serious side too
The analyst community gets the huge majority of its money from vendors. That’s not a bad thing, unless you are looking for unvarnished vendor analysis. Then you have to wonder about the analytical rigor. Some firms are simply mouthpieces for their clients. What’s the point?

I take money from vendors too. Mostly the younger, more innovative vendors, yet vendors nonetheless. So part of my intent has been to build a revenue stream that is advertising-based. Yes, money from vendors again, but mediated by a sales force and competition for the page views. If somebody gets mad they pull their adverts and somebody else takes their place. I’m cool with that.

That’s where you come in. Click on the link, click the check boxes, and strike a blow for independent storage blogging.

The StorageMojo take
If you like what StorageMojo does, please complete the survey. I’ll be watching the results, trying to figure out how to make you love StorageMojo even more. Or at least a little. Namaste.

Comments welcome, of course.