Just sat through EMC CEO Joe Tucci’s keynote for EMC World 2008.

Conspicuous by its absence: Maui; the software piece of the Hulk/Maui global data repository [see EMC’s Maui and everybody else].

Joe promised Hulk/Maui in 7 months last November. EMC showed the hardware at NAB last month. But the software has always been the hard part.

Some inside skinny
Spoke to an EMC customer – and loyal StorageMojo reader – after the Goo Goo Dolls concert last night. He’d seen a Maui demo and confirmed that it looked like a productized OceanStore – a layer of software above local pools of storage.

The StorageMojo take
This is a very tough problem, so I’m not surprised that they didn’t make Joe’s deadline. I expect they’ll announce something – there’s an item about Global Data Recovery yet to come – but there isn’t the kind of hoopla that says “we nailed it!”

Which is good news for EMC competitors. Well marketed, Maui is a very compelling reason to turn even more of your data center over to EMC. Competitors are catching a break. Will they take advantage of it?

Comments welcome, as always. And here’s a picture from the Goo Goo Dolls concert.