Gary Orenstein has published a podcast of a discussion we had a couple of weeks ago about cloud computing.

Cloudy days on the hype cycle
Cloud computing and storage is still climbing the hype cycle. Remember client-server computing? It was going to change the world. It did, but not as we expected. Now it is an invisible part of the infosphere.

Likewise cloud computing. It is another arrow in the quiver, not a howitzer. The critical issue is how creatively and transparently we utilize it. No doubt many of us will be surprised.

In 15 years cloud computing will be as obvious to users as client-server is today.

The StorageMojo take
The podcast discusses other issues in cloud computing and storage. Kudos to Gary for putting on the cloud computing series.

Comments welcome, of course. I’ve done work Gary’s employer, Gear6, in the past. This discussion was conducted gratis.