I’ve put together a couple of ~3 minute video excerpts from the Seattle Scalability Conference last Saturday. I’ve edited them to be useful standalone intros. Maybe they’ll entice you to learn more.

Chapel: productive parallel programming at scale
Bradford Chamberlain of Cray talks about a new language that he and his colleagues are developing. It isn’t released to the public yet, but he is looking for collaborators interested in moving it beyond a pure HPC focus.

Chapel appears to dramatically simplify parallel programming, if the code samples are any indication.

This is only 3 minutes out of 30, so if this whets your appetite be sure to look for the full video – shot on better equipment – on YouTube. As of this writing it isn’t up yet.

Carmen: a scalable science cloud
This is 3 minutes from early in a talk that Paul Watson of Newcastle University gave on cloud computing for neuroscience research. Neuroscience has a number of issues – including 100,000 researchers worldwide – that lend themselves to a cloud approach.

The full talk is up on Google Video.

Commenters on my ZDnet blog
inform me that Microsoft has solved all these multicore programming problems. Maybe the next scalability conference should be held in Redmond.