If your company is a SNIA member and you’re in the Bay Area the Storage Networking Industry Association Symposium might be the excuse you’re looking for to cut work on a lovely summer day.

I’ll be delivering a keynote address on Wednesday morning, July 23rd, at the St. Claire. Think of it as an interactive Animatronic version of StorageMojo.

Topic: Crossing the Next Storage Chasm: 5 New Technologies that will Change your Data Center. The blurb:

New technologies are changing the face of storage. Robin Harris, analyst and author of the StorageMojo blog, looks at 5 of them, including flash SSDs, 10 GigE, and Google-scale storage. Get the incisive StorageMojo take on these topics and what you really need to know.

Notice I left myself some wiggle room. What do you think the other 2 topics should be?

The StorageMojo take
The data center has more pieces in motion today than ever before. The possibilities are almost infinite, but budgets and attention spans aren’t.

As an industry we don’t do a very good job of a) listening to customers and b) responding with insightful solutions. How can the industry help itself and customers get through the maze? I have a few suggestions.

Comments welcome, of course.