A global village in the mountains
Did you notice the new header picture this week? No? That’s OK. I enjoy taking the pictures anyway.

But this picture is from StorageMojo’s new global HQ. There is a spacious office – or it will be once the boxes are emptied – and studio space for video production.

I’m now just a short walk to a 7 night a week live music venue. Yes, I’ll be out most nights. Don’t wait up.

And in the morning I can take a hike up to Devil’s Kitchen or up the Cibola Trail.

The StorageMojo take
An amazingly rich lifestyle in a small town 120 miles from Phoenix. When I step outside most nights I can see the Milky Way – a bright moon will wash it out – and much of it is due to the Internet.

The musicians, artists, dancers and occasional blogger who live here don’t have a large enough local market to support themselves. But most are also on the Internet – be it Facebook, MySpace or their own site – with visibility to the larger world.

Truly, for those of us lucky enough to live with broadband access, Marshall McLuhan’s global village is no longer a metaphor. It is where we live.

Courteous comments welcome, of course. Normally I wouldn’t post about this, but people have asked about my view, given all the pictures I’ve published. Now you know.