In glorious lo-fi monaural!
Sterling opportunity to blow another precious hour of your work life in the guise of “continuing education.” Dial-in for a reprise of the keynote I gave at the SNIA summer symposium in San Jose.

5 technologies in search of a data center
That’s the title. The event is the Monthly General Meeting of the SNIA End User Council. I’m not 100% sure what they do either.

The dial-in number is 888-896-4477, Bridge #773423

The call is at 4pm Eastern Daylight Time. 1pm Pacific Daylight Time.

The 7 MB pdf presentation is here. Guaranteed SFW. Nice pictures of red rocks. Not a lot of bullets – the preso isn’t that informative if you don’t listen too.

The StorageMojo take
The presentation looks at some technologies that will be shaping the data center in the next 5 years. It starts small with 2.5″ drives and goes up to cloud storage. Includes SSDs and 10 GigE.

As usual I try to look past the hype into what the real effects of these technologies can be. I think there will be time for questions too.

Courteous comments welcome, of course. If you listen to the preso comment here.