Funny and provocative video (thanks David!) from Sun demonstrating 2 things:

  • 15k drives are vibration sensitive – in this case to a shout a couple of inches away.
  • That Sun’s Fishworks analysis suite enables realtime analysis of storage behavior.

Bad, bad, bad vibrations. . . .
Vibration issues are old news to the mechanical engineers who design enclosures. The Tsunami Harddisk Detector uses that fact for earthquake detection.

A commenter on Brendan Gregg’s Fishworks engineering blog claims that replacing fans with bad bearings improved array throughput. That can’t look good to civilians.

The StorageMojo take
With any luck at all we should see a spate of competing videos proclaiming that Brand X enclosures pass the “shout test.” Of course, they’ll probably have to use Fishworks for the demos, which is all to Sun’s good.

I left Sun a decade ago. This reminds me that many of Sun’s best promo ideas come from the techies, not the marketers.

Fishworks is the kind of great technology that has always been at the root of Sun’s appeal. Translating that appeal into sales is Sun’s marketing challenge.

Courteous comments welcome, of course. Fishworks includes Bryan Cantrill’s brilliant Dtrace which I’ve been a fan of for years. Update: The too-often-right-for-his-own-good Wes says the drives aren’t 15k drives. I couldn’t find an RPM citation so I struck the 15k out above. A citation would be appreciated, eagle-eyed readers. End update.