The forecast calls for pain – and intermittant outages
Update 1:

  • RSS feed is broken. Google’s Feedburner service can’t validate the code for Google’s YouTube player. It is almost as if Google were a giant clueless company. Will figure something out. Suggestions welcome.
  • The blog name isn’t showing up on the header pictures. May have to paste it on the pictures manually. Suckage.
  • Someone reported that the price lists aren’t available, but when I checked they were. Anyone else seeing that problem?
  • So I can see what I’m doing I’ve been turning the WP cache off. Shouldn’t be a problem – haven’t been Digg’d lately – but you may notice slower load times. Speaking of which I lowered the default number of posts on the home page which should speed up load times. Most readers, I assume, have fast connections so I don’t pay much attention to page size – but maybe people are trying to read StorageMojo on their phones.
  • The new template has a Byzantine process for creating the archive page. I’ll figure it out eventually though. There’s something about that list of hundreds of posts that I, at least, find satisfying.

I gave the party elves in the sub-basement of the StorageMojo Global HQ a good talking to about the aging price lists. They promise updated lists within the week – once they sober up. We’ll see.

Anything I missed?
End update 1.

Approaching its 3rd birthday, StorageMojo’s WordPress theme is showing its age. State-of-the-art 3 years ago, the much-patched theme isn’t able to keep up with new demands.

So it’s off to the bit bucket in the sky. To be replaced by a much cleaner design – typographically and architecturally – to help StorageMojo prosper for the next 3 years.

The upgrade is a process of stepwise enhancement. The new theme will be turned on and then features added over the next few days.

A couple of the new features: the post archive list will get its own page; and larger, auto-rotating header pictures.

That’s the plan anyway. How many software projects ever go according to plan?

Some things will break. Once I *think* I’m done I’ll post another note asking for feedback on what still isn’t working.

In other social media news . . .
StorageMojo will start tweeting starting Real Soon Now – but after the upgrade. The tweets will be on storage topics, not what I’m having for lunch – which, BTW, was some of Ms. Mojo’s tasty blueberry pie, followed by a couple of bites of her chocolate pecan pie.

The Twitter account name is – surprise! – StorageMojo. Writing 140 character posts should be like coding assembler – which I did a bit of on a 6502 several decades ago.

The StorageMojo take
Has it really been 3 years? Well, the 1st post was in September 2004 – on a site that, AFAIK, no one ever visited. I moved those posts to StorageMojo in March ’06 and began regular posting.

It’s been a great ride. Thank you all for joining in.

Courteous comments welcome, of course.