Ms. Mojo persuaded me – she can be very persuasive – that tweeting could be cool. I’m skeptical, but game.

Not about me
For those of you coming in even later, Twitter is the trendy new revenue-free social web phenom. Users communicate through messages of no more than 140 characters dubbed “tweets.”

Some call it “micro-blogging.” Expect storage-focused tweets. Click here to follow StorageMojo .

What do 140 character StorageMojo posts look like?
Here are the 3 most recent – and only – StorageMojo tweets, presented in their entirety:

Fusion-io’s ioDrive.”. . .scary fast in a database server, especially when it comes to tiny random write IO’s.”

Latest LTO tape is spec’d at 200 entire read/writes. What if disks had that spec?

Cisco to Buy Video Camera Maker Pure Digital – are they nuts? Kodak’s mtk cap is $1B – with real assets & a great brand.

The weird URLs are compressed – like TinyURLs – and clickable. The latest 5 tweets are also on the StorageMojo home page, as is a “follow” link. Look below the tower ad in the far right sidebar.

The StorageMojo take
I hope this makes Ms. Mojo happy. And who knows, the 21st century telegram may grow on us.

Courteous comments welcome, of course.