5 years: that’s as long as a Seagate warranty!
I started blogging about storage before I started StorageMojo. No one read the posts and I had no idea how to change that, so the posts got less frequent and finally dribbled to a stop. Less than a year later I started StorageMojo after moving to the mountains of northern Arizona (see header photo above).

When I put StorageMojo.com up I dug out those old posts and posted them with their original dates. Here’s the first month’s posts. Note: Castle Anthrax is a (Monty) Python reference from the “Holy Grail.”

Looking at them my first thought is “not much has changed.”

Thank you!
I’d like to thank all of you – the roughly 45,000 unique visitors each month – who read StorageMojo. Without an audience it wouldn’t be as interesting for me – and without a smart and engaged audience the comments, which are at least half the content – wouldn’t exist at all.

I have blisters on my fingers!
The official count: 626 Posts, 3,320 Approved Comments and 63 Pages – the latter mostly Price Lists. I’d guess the average post is 500 words, so that means- OMG! – over 300,000 words! And that is after editing them. Update: Plus 243 posts on Storage Bits. Whew! I think I’ll lie down. End update.

The StorageMojo take
I love what I do. With any luck I’ll be celebrating a 10th anniversary in just 5 years.

And yes, I intended to post exactly on the 5th anniversary – September 8 – but time got away from me. A blogger’s work is never done.

Courteous comments welcome, of course. A special thank you to people who’ve been especially helpful along the way, including Duncan, Robert, Aileen, another Robert, Mari-Lyn, Gary, Garth, Doug and Diane.