A re-education camp for bloggers. If I start gushing on HP, slap me.

Starts tomorrow in Colorado Springs. I’ve heard they’re flying in bloggers from Europe, which may lend tone to the event.

Can you spell “virtualization?”
The agenda includes

  • Enterprise storage virtualization
  • SMB shared storage for virtual servers – LeftHand
  • Hands-on Enterprise Virtual Arrays
  • SAN virtualization services
  • Other unified, converged, bladed, low-ended server stuff

No ExDS 9100, no flash, no PolyServe, no IBRIX. Not even a cocktail party on the agenda. Whoa!

Transparency moment
HP has their hooks deep into me. Not only was I the product manager for the 1st DEC StorageWorks product, but if I can keep HP going for another 15 years I may get a pension from them. Good for a daily nonfat double decaf soy latte.

The StorageMojo take
Looking forward to meeting fellow bloggers and maybe bumping into DEC colleagues. Glad to see they aren’t requiring non-disclosure agreements, unlike EMC. Maybe someone will even explain why they don’t think file servers are a market.

Courteous comments welcome, of course. Fun Fact: on a clear day – a common occurrence – you can see Cheyenne Mountain, leaky home of the Strategic Air Command and ground zero for global thermonuclear war.