Is, technically, 2010 the beginning of a new decade? Only if you count starting with zero – as I’m sure many StorageMojo readers do.

But even civilians seem to agree. Partly out of a desire to see the disastrous double-0s put behind us. Partly because, after all, who cares that 2,000 years ago somebody said “this is year 1.” The Y2K problem didn’t happen in 2001.

But however you count it, 2010 is the beginning of a new fiscal year. People are feeling a tad optimistic now and budgets are in the air, so it is time for StorageMojo to update its Price Lists.

About half the lists have been updated, including fan favorites EMC and NetApp. The rest should be by the end of the week. You can tell if it says Updated January 2010 on the list.

Some of the old – historical interest only – lists are being deleted. If you are a Creek Path alum, copy now or forever hold your peace.

The StorageMojo take
Happy New Year!