Leaving Sunday for beautiful downtown Boston. Really: much nicer since they finished the Big Dig.

Hoping to learn more about Atmos. Did you know it is available as an online service?

And I want to talk to some of the RSA researchers working on storage, but I’m not sure they are part of EMC world. Maybe I can squeeze in a visit to their Cambridge lab.

Any thoughts on stuff I should see? If you’ll be there and would like to talk please comment or email.

The StorageMojo take
Heard that of the 15,000 or so folks expected, some 5,000 will be carrying an EMC badge. Nice break from cubicle heaven.

Shades of DECWorld. But back in the 80s the minicomputer business was getting killed by PCs. The threat to EMC’s business is commodity-based scale-out storage, something they are wisely embracing with Atmos.

DEC founder and president Ken Olsen grew DEC for 30+ years, a record I don’t believe has been equaled by any other computer industry entrepreneur, though Bill Gates comes close. But even Ken didn’t know how to navigate the shift from vertical integration to assembling horizontal commodities. Nor did he see how commoditizing DEC’s proprietary technologies, such as DECnet, VMS and VAXclusters, could have ensured the company’s long-term survival.

That’s why Atmos is important to EMC. As our data continues to cool, commodity-based scale-out – or specialized hardware with commodity prices – storage is critical. Tucci seems to get that.

Courteous comments welcome, of course. Looking forward to seeing springtime Boston – if the weather cooperates.