Most of us know what it is like when a relationship goes bad: the sinking feeling that this just isn’t going to work.

Can this configuration be saved?
Dear StorageMojo:

I joined a company last year that is running Oracle 10g on a NetApp NAS/SAN.

Immediately I asked why they were not using Clustering, Oracle RAC, Oracle ASM or Fiber Channel. No answer.

Fast fwd to a year later and they are asking me to deploy this to an I/O bound customer with hundreds of connections and lots of transactions to their DB over NFS.

Long story short it’s slow-w-w-w. They tried trunking multiple network connections. They tried tuning. They tried a bunch of stuff. And it’s still a dog.

How slow?

I have a screaming Dell r710 running a 7TB database attached over SAS to a set of MD3000 storage arrays. I am getting 450MBs…..and this barely suffices…..

The “new” system they showed me gets 50MBsec…the same screaming Dellr710 but connected over NFS (instead of SAS) to the NetApp NAS.

Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you for reading this nightmare.

Poor Bob! He’ll be getting grief from the client for months, maybe years to come, unless this gets fixed.

The StorageMojo take
Maybe Bob could have been better about developing a relationship with the guys configuring the systems. More questions, fewer conclusions, at first.

Suggestions to the customer for acceptance testing might be in order.

But there are 2 problems here:

  1. What to do now.
  2. How to keep this from happening again.

What would you suggest to Bob on either or both topics? I’ve asked him to watch the comments, so if more info would be useful, I hope he’ll provide it.

Courteous comments welcome needed. When a multi-billion dollar near-sighted telescope can get sent into orbit, it is surprising more IT projects don’t go wrong.