After a quick scan of the paper titles I wasn’t impressed. But after seeing presentations and posters I am.

Here’s some I found interesting. I’ll be posting longer pieces on some of these.

  • A Study of Practical Deduplication Full paper *Best Paper Winner*
  • Tradeoffs in Scalable Data Routing for Deduplication Clusters Full paper
  • Exploiting Half-Wits: Smarter Storage for Low-Power Devices Full paper
  • Reliably Erasing Data from Flash-Based Solid State Drives Full paper
  • Scale and Concurrency of GIGA+: File System Directories with Millions of Files Full paper
  • Emulating Goliath Storage Systems with David Full paper *Best Paper Winner*

An excellent conference. NetApp, EMC, Microsoft and IBM were recruiting.

The StorageMojo take
We’re still learning about flash, and the research presented here is a substantial addition to our meager knowledge.

Microsoft tells me they’re delivering major improvements to NTFS and Windows Server later this year. I’m looking forward to that briefing.

And it’s always a pleasure catching up with the people who, for some reason, never come to Sedona.

Courteous comments welcome, as always.