Update: The survey is now closed. Thanks to everyone who responded!

I’ll have more later on the results. End update.

StorageMojo would like your help.

TechnoQWAN LLC, StorageMojo’s publisher, is a research and analysis firm. An IT supplier has retained us to help plan their internal storage strategy .

You’ll be anonymous, unless you choose not to be. This is a research project, not a marketing Trojan horse.

How you can help
Please donate 5 to 8 minutes to complete a survey. You’ll help keep StorageMojo the independent source of storage coolness it has always strived to be.

We’d like to get a couple of hundred respondents RSN. Can you do it now?

Here’s the link to the Internal Storage Survey.

And please pass the link on to likely friends and colleagues. The more the merrier!

The StorageMojo take
After we’ve looked at the data I plan to write about what I’ve found interesting in the results. You’ll get to learn something about the rest of the StorageMojo community.

And I’ll get to learn some more about you.

If, perchance, you’re passionate about the topic, you’ll be able to volunteer for a more in-depth discussion. Trust me: the sponsor can make a real difference in the servers you buy in a couple of years.

Courteous comments welcome, of course. Completed surveys even more so! BTW, QWAN = Quality Without A Name.