There’s a new tab in the StorageMojo navbar: Careers. It’s a new service for readers and the storage industry.

Like StorageMojo it is focused on emerging companies, markets, products and technologies – and the people who make them happen. And like StorageMojo it does things differently than other career sites.

First and foremost, the focus is on storage. For another, we don’t take recruiting jobs from big companies – who typically include “no recruiting from us” clauses – to have the widest possible range of experienced candidates.

And the engagements are affordable, as you can see on the Careers page.

Running Careers is an experienced exec/tech recruiter, Ray Holley. Ray’s a good man.

The StorageMojo take
A question since starting StorageMojo over 5 years ago has been how to offer insightful and independent analysis when the vendors provide the paydays. StorageMojo Careers helps answer that question.

Sure, companies pay for recruiting services – but the A-List candidates they want come from StorageMojo’s readership and not from the over-mined resume mills. Readers working with us are also supporting StorageMojo.

I’ll be advising Ray, but he’s the one driving the careers business. Feel free to email or call ((928) 282-9232) him to talk about our search services or just introduce yourself.

Courteous comments welcome, of course. Any thoughts on how we can improve on the average search/recruitment process much appreciated.