I sat down with Nimble Storage co-founder and VP of engineering Varun Mehta to discuss their architecture – and shoot some video. Varun has been part of several Valley success stories – NetApp, Sun, Data Domain – and has a first hand perspective on disruptive technologies.

Varun and co-founder Umesh Maheshwari – a brilliant architect and a very nice guy – designed the Nimble product that he discusses. Take 4 minutes to learn more about Innovations in Storage Architecture at Nimble Storage:

Or you can see it in HD on YouTube.

The StorageMojo take
The Nimble guys have great technology, but they’ve also put together a compelling value proposition: collapse 3 time-consuming and complex workflows – primary storage, backup and archiving – into 1 appliance. Include all the needed software, price it well, target under-served mid-sized companies and you have a recipe for another Valley success.

The tech trends they’re riding will only get better. But the business trends are in their favor as well. SMB’s today have many TB of data and little staff to manage it – or capital to invest. With Congress ensuring that America operates well below capacity for years to come, the times favor thrifty solutions like Nimble’s.

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Nimble bought my time for this video, but I made all editorial decisions.