Several readers have written in lately with roughly the same question: what’s the best way to build cheap home bulk storage?

Here’s how 1 writer put it:

I was hoping you could provide me with some advice. I have so many external drives that I have to swap. I have almost 10 Terabytes of data – mostly movies that I would like to consolidate into one “volume”. I was thinking about building a 5-bay JBOD Raid (a cheap enclosure) and was also thinking of using MacZFS to handle the storage pool part.

Price is important. Performance isn’t.

How would readers propose to do this on their favorite OS? The folks asking this question aren’t full time sysadmins – they already have their ideas – so let’s not get too esoteric.

The StorageMojo take
This question has been vexing me as well. I have a small Thunderbolt array – a Promise Pegasus R4 – hooked up to a new iMac for video editing. I’d like to reconfigure it from RAID 5 to multiple RAID 0 stripes for speed and capacity. The question is how to back up those vulnerable RAID 0 partitions.

It’s looking like large FireWire drives are the right answer. But maybe you have a better one.

Courteous comments welcome, of course.