A shout out to all ‘worlders: the StorageMojo analyst team will be descending en masse on the lush Nevada desert (yes, in Phoenix real estate people often tout the “lush desert” – don’t they know what desert means?) to take in our 1st VMworld.

We’re arriving the 29th & departing the 31st. Hope to learn a lot more about storage in the virtual world.

The StorageMojo take
Data storage is hard enough when your CPUs aren’t VMotioning across the globe. Dealing with the related issues of concurrency, consistency and limited network bandwidth makes it even more challenging.

I’m interested in seeing what Virsto is announcing as well as what is coming from companies I haven’t yet heard of. Do readers have any suggestions for vendors that shouldn’t be missed?

Courteous comments welcome, of course. Even though it is a hike to the Venetian and the Wynn, I’m going to stay in one of the new City Center hotels.