I’ve been a fan of ZFS from its early days and I’m a Mac user who has experienced data corruption thanks to its antiquated HFS+ file system. Thus I’m pleased to see that Greenbytes is releasing ZFS for Mac.

A post on ZDNet explains the details:

Now christened the “Zevo Community Edition” is coming out on Saturday the 15th. Works with Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion, 64 bit only. 4GB RAM required with 8GB recommended.

Has much of the original ZFS goodness, including snapshots, quotas, data scrubbing, mirrors & RAID Z – up to 3x failure protection – all heavy duty data protection features that the antiquated HFS+ never dreamed of. And, of course, the proven data integrity features of ZFS are standard.

But this release isn’t for everyone. It requires Terminal to set up – no fancy GUI. ZFS features such as dedup and hot spares aren’t supported yet. Most important: you can’t boot your system from it.

The StorageMojo take
It is depressing that Apple, the world’s most valuable company, takes such a cavalier attitude towards user data. Sure, few users are complaining about data loss – mostly because they don’t know what it looks like – but is this any different from shipping any known-defective product?

Back in the 60’s US car companies claimed that “safety doesn’t sell.” But today safety is a top issue.

Perhaps we are where car companies were 50 years ago. Let’s hope it doesn’t take 50 years to get more reliable file systems on consumer products.

Courteous comments welcome, of course. Kudos to Microsoft for their work on ReFS, which I hope to hear more about next week at SNIA’s 2012 Storage Developer Conference.