As a reward for good behavior StorageMojo’s top analysts will be attending NAB for a couple of days. Today the HP briefing this afternoon and the ShowStoppers official press event this evening.

Then it is a very full day Monday – mostly in the lower South Hall – reviewing the latest in media storage presented at the show. Stay tuned here and on ZDNet.

Then its back to the lonely and lovely high desert mountains of Northern Arizona. See picture above.

Feel free to say hi.

The StorageMojo take
CES is a toy store for consumers. NAB is a toy store for media professionals.

StorageMojo likes ’em both.

Consumerization of media production is in full swing. Nobody has yet shot a feature-length movie – can’t accurately say film anymore, can we? – on an iPhone, but somebody, somewhere, is surely planning one.

At the same time the widespread adoption of 4k video capture is stressing workflows and production infrastructure as never before. Storage companies are loving the 4x capacity requirements of 4k, and it is driving the adoption of Thunderbolt peripherals – storage, docks, ingest – as people move traditional post-production tasks into the production workflow.

A quad-core Macbook Pro with an AJA Io 4k with a Thunderbolt SSD array is a production and editing tool that you can carry in a briefcase. Amazing.

Courteous comments welcome, of course.