EMC World is in Las Vegas this year, a short drive from the StorageMojo Global HQ. Requested a press pass in February.

No response.

Repeated request a couple of weeks ago and got this answer:

At this time the press and analyst programs are at full capacity and we are not able to accommodate any additional requests.

After all, there are only thousands of people attending. StorageMojo = back-breaking straw. Or persona non grata?


The StorageMojo take
When it comes to petty behavior, EMC has never shaken its testy South Boston ways. I’ve often thought – hoped – that the influx of adults from other companies would calm them down. Evidently not.

Ever since StorageMojo twitted an EMC VP and in return got a nasty cease and desist letter a couple of weeks later, I knew they had a thin-skinned culture. But a $23 billion company should have a little more courage – and grace.

But maybe they have more to be thin-skinned about than I know. After all

  • RSA has been hacked and linked to NSA skullduggery.
  • VMware accounts for most of EMC’s market cap, meaning Wall Street discounts EMC’s core storage business.
  • VNX business faces two huge challenges: XtremeIO; and every other all-flash array. Either will hurt revenues.
  • Speaking of all-flash arrays, “partner” Cisco is flogging Whiptail hard as part of UCS. That’s gotta hurt!
  • Pivotal is a big internally developed bet – something that historically EMC has not been good at – that looks to be caught in the firefight between AWS and Google.

None of these are fun. Together maybe things look more dire inside EMC than we know.

Courteous comments welcome, of course.