I’ve been hiking a lot the last couple of weeks, getting in shape after a long hiatus. Today I took a loop that I’ve never done counterclockwise and even though it shouldn’t have made much difference, it was a much more enjoyable hike.

The loop began with an easy walk of about a mile on the Long Canyon trail, until it meets Deadmans Pass trail. From there it is about another mile to another favorite, Mescal trail, with beautiful views of the lower end of Boynton Canyon and, later, to the rocks to the south.

About halfway through the cloudy sky gave way to partly cloudy, allowing the sun to light up the rocks. Here’s a panorama I took from Deadmans Pass trail looking from the west to the north. Enjoy!

Click to enlarge.

The panorama is extra large – 4000 pixels wide – so there’s a lot to look at. If you look carefully you can see a couple of buildings of the Enchantment resort that is nestled into the mouth of Boynton Canyon.

The StorageMojo take
Being spring break, lots of people were enjoying the trail, both hikers and bikers. I’m glad they did, because more rain is expected this afternoon.