Things have been a bit quiet here at Chez Mojo – at least on the publishing side. One the personal side I’ve been busy with a few things, one being a move to a new place. Not much of a move – about 100 yards as the crow flies – but packing isn’t much different for 100 yards or 100 miles.

The other project was a 1,000 mile drive to Torrington, Wyoming, for the 2017 US eclipse. We left on Friday, spent a night in Las Vegas, New Mexico – not nearly as glitzy as the Nevada version – and then a couple of nights in Denver.

Torrington wasn’t the first choice for eclipse watching, but horrendous traffic on I-25 from Denver pushed us to the backroads. And the small town in southeastern Wyoming – not far from the Nebraska border – turned out to be a very friendly place.

The totality was amazing and all too brief. The NASA approved shades worked as advertised, or else I couldn’t see to type this.

The StorageMojo take
Now we’re on our way back to the red rocks of northern Arizona. Right now we’re in Aspen, Colorado, on our way to Durango – a place I’ve long wanted to visit – and then on Thursday I’ll finish moving.

After a day to recover from a 2,000 mile road trip and some heavy lifting, I’ll be back to blogging on the state of emerging technology. Cheers!